Saturday, December 15, 2007


These last days I have not felt sleepy at night. But this time the feeling was very different from the other times this happened. It wasn't the insomnia caused by some worry, that makes you want to sleep and forget, or maybe by some issue that makes you obsessed and not able to stop thinking about it… This was different. There was simply no sleepiness. My brain remained active, despite having slept very little… and I hardly cared about it. You could even say that I was in a good mood, I felt like doing things. It was strange.

I decided to make use of the time to do some more classwork. To the rhythm of the music in my earphones, and with an interesting lucidity uncharacteristic of that time, I continued until the screen of my watch showed I was reaching a limit that shouldn't be exceeded. I picked up my things and turned the light off. The light pollution from the city was enough to lit the way through the little courtyard. Completely dark, already in my room, I proceeded to prepare things for the next day, and when it was ready I made for the toilet.

But not without stopping to do a last thing —again in the courtyard, I looked up. With my pupils fully dilated, I knew that, like in other occasions, it would be worth it. And in fact it was. Over the orangey background that was the night sky, dozens of stars filled their positions in the firmament, dominated by the reddish glow of Mars, located directly over me in that moment. I gazed at it for a few instants, while threads of cloud travelled around and the cold of the night stroked my skin.

With a smile in my lips, I turned round and continued my way. What a pity it was so late…


  1. Melatonin 300mcg is good to get some sleep. Just take two pills the first time and voilá! you will start sleeping like a baby.

  2. If you read carefully you'll see I didn't want to sleep at the time ;)

    And I'm not intending to take any pills to sleep unless it becomes a very serious problem, but thanks anyway :)